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The Sunrise Shack

Sticker Pack Proposal

On the island of Oahu, Hawaii in the

famous surf spot of the North Shore lies the

cutest little yellow shack, famous for selling

delicious smoothie bowls and bulleit coffee.

As a fan of the Sunrise shack's whimsy and the

culture surrounding it, I decided to create a

series of new stickers on my way to visit the

island. Their existing stickers and merch are 

adorable, a great way to show off your love for the niche business.

I designed 5 stickers, inspired by their asthetic of surf culture and nature- the ukulele with their catch phrase on the neck, a local chicken lounging with some zinc on his beak and a blue dream bowl, a blue dream bowl of course, a "Shack o' Clock" phrase I came up with including a cup of their coffee and hints at their logo with the sun rays, and a cool pineapple adorned with another one of their mottos.

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