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About me

Raised on the sandy coast of Florida and Rocky shores of Maine, I've always taken inspiration from the ocean. Now based in beautiful Hawaii, I live to create artwork that raises awareness about the urgent problem of our beautiful and receding coral reefs. I hope to bring the ocean’s magnificent underwater beauty right into people's homes and spaces to display the astounding beauty that we are increasingly more responsible for protecting.

As an artist and designer, I also am an avid storyteller and problem solver with experience in graphic design, animation, and illustration. Working with people puts the purpose in my passion! I strive to create strategic content to fit client's needs for their brand or company.

Sophia Graduated from the University of Michigan in 2023 with a Bachelor of Art from the STAMPS School of Art and Design and triple minors in Entrepreneurship, Ross School of Business, and Global Media Studies (Film). As the lead design intern for the University of Michigan's Social Media for 3.5 years, Sophia has extensive experience in media production and strategic visual messaging.

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