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Steeping Stories

UMSocial Project

For my high school senior project, we had to create something that engaged with the community and was completely self ran for 6 weeks before graduation. As I am passionate about leadership and community building, I decided to create a small group for young women where we cover different topics in a safe space group every other week. The project would be called ""Steeping Stories" as the small group meets at a new coffee or tea house in Portland Maine each time. 

The outcome of the meetups was sweet and rewarding, with new girls coming each time, some returning faces, but all of us got to have community time with each other and bond over things women often struggle with. I created this poster as an advertisement for the project along with pamphlet handouts for each attendee.

My favorite meeting was our trip to Dobra Tea in downtown Portland, Maine where we covered Identity and went around the table sharing things we loved about each member or positive uplifting qualities about eachother. We all wrote down these qualities on the back of our pamphlets to keep whenever a pick-me-up is needed

For the Steeping Stories logo I wanted to design something feminine and bold that incorporated a warm, positive looking face to reflect good mental health along with a cup of tea. The script was hand drawn to give the logo a personal, comfortable feel.


Steeping Stories logo, poster, and pamphlet designed with Procreate, fonts done in Canva. Project launched April 2019.

Every other week when we would meet as a group I would hand out small mini pamphlets containing the week's topic as well as a quote, something to read, and something to watch that related to the subject. It was fun doing a little research for each week's topic and coming up with some assets that would be great supplements to inform yourself with. Sharing these often led to conversations about related content or videos from other attendees to look into. 

Weekly Topics

Pamphlet Artwork

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