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Mei Mei's Magic Dumplings

Book Illustration

I had the chance to Illustrate writer Lisa Fate's children's book including two children and their story of sharing ethnic foods together as best friends. The story aims to help children understand and embrace the foods from their background and to be proud of it, even share it with other students. Sometimes being an Asian American can be difficult especially when younger kids are embarassed about their food looking or smelling different compared to the other student's at school. Lisa wanted to use this children's book as a chance to encourage young kids to embrace their culture and be proud of who they are. 

The illustration process was a long process of developing visuals with a dynamic style that felt fun but authentic to the reader. Having never worked alongside a writer to illustrate a book, I learned a lot about the pacing of creating imagery for another person's story and communicating what their vision is visually for the reader. I wanted a color pallette that reflected traditional Korean aesthetics to mix with the suburban American illustrations. This book is for every culture as its message can be cross-communicated amongst different backgrounds,

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