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Graphic Novel / Comic

ScratchGang is the story of a pack of weasels living in New York city who decide to take in a new member, but at a certain cost, Touching on consumerism, fast fashion, and weasel gang culture, this graphic novel came to be after brainstorming with my little brother on a cloudy Thanksgiving day. I was required to write a short but complete comic for my drawing visualization class at the University of Michigan and needed a good story, I ended up diving deep and fully writing and illustrating 26 pages of a mini graphic novel inspired by a family member's brooklyn-italian accent and a recently learned fact that hermines are like weasels, they just turn white in the winter,If you want to know what the hell I'm talkinnabaht, take a read. Please, enjoy the story of rodent mobsters in the alleyways of the Big Apple and how they build and break down an empire.

Printed and self published November 2022 using Photoshop and Procreate for a STAMPS School of Art and Design course

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