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Party Sharks

Personal Project

In the midst of my senior year of University, I felt the need for a hiatus from the endless business classes and design projects and decided to create something based solely off of creative freedom. As a lot of my work comes out in series, I was inspired to create a handful of "party sharks" using acrylic paint and glitter- a visually fun and interesting project to amuse myself and have a little fun. Each shark is a different type and has a different colored party hat adorning it.

The party sharks are each framed in antique one of a kind frames thrifted from local thrift shops, one of which I painted aquamarine to spice up the display. I find in my creative life it is important to do projects like this just for the purpose of creating and not profiting in order to keep my artistic spirit alive. 

I have been collecting thrifted frames since the initial four party sharks and hope to add to the collection of marine creatures so as long as I don't run out of glitter.

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