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Graduating Senior Collages

University of Michigan Instagram Feed

For the month of May, I was in charge of content celebrating the 2023 graduating class of seniors at the University of Michigan. The idea II pitched was to create personal collage portraits that would capture the essence and university experience of each student on a personal level. These collages were crafted from photos and references of their own actual experiences and camera rolls or class projects, making each one authentic and unique to who they are.

In addition to this, we asked each student to answer the prompt:


 "Provide 1-2 sentences on your experience at U-M in a way that connects to your featured photos”

 to hear about about them as a person while tying in their own University of Michigan experience. This project was impactful because we highlighted students from an array of backgrounds, culturally, ethnically, and educationally, making sure to highlight at least one student from each of the 18 University of Michigan schools and departments.

It was wonderful to see what elements of each student's experience they chose to have highlighted, and as I spoke with each one and got to know them, the easier it became to craft a visual collage that not only captured their story, but their essence.

Visual storytelling and collages are two of my favorite elements of being an artist, and this project was a joy because I got to do both, for the whole university to see on the University's Instagram account.

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