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College Creature Illustrations

University of Michigan Social Media

During the month of April 2023, the UMSocial team agreed to release a series of animals that represented each college within the University as a fun way to portray the uniqueness of each. With the approval of each school, I crafted a list of animals to reflect the persona and purpose of the University's separate parts. 

On both Instagram and Linkedin, we launched the College Creatures in batches of 6 over three days. The results were hilarious and rewarding as comments and feedback poured into the comment section in response to the chosen animals. The release was not fast enough we learned, as impatient account followers demanded their animals when theirs wasn't in the most up to date post. No, we hadn't forgotten you, wolverines and alumni, there was an animal for everyone!

I find in my work that animals always come around as a great common ground as a way for us to connect and express ourselves, to understand ourselves as people better. I was honored to be the artist to create these personable creatures and have the world respond back with joy, interest, or discussion.


Project launched April 2023 via University of Michigan Social Media (Instagram and LinkedIn), created with Procreate and Photoshop

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