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UMich Campus Scapes

University of Michigan Social Media

For the month of November 2022, I wanted to incorporate some portraits of the University of Michigan's most iconic locations into our Instagram feed and socials in a way that has never been done before. After taking reference photos of notable sites on campus, I illustrated a series of 12 "UMich Campus Scapes" for us to post in-feed. The response was overwhelming in the comments, many people asking if prints could be purchased of the recreated classic scenes. 

The idea for the series was highly inspired by my Lizardscapes collection, where bold, colorful stills are recreated both stylistically and realistically, as there is a balance of both. These pieces will live on in the UMSocial archives forever, and I hope to make more someday as I reminisce about the ever-beautiful UofM campus.


UMich Campus Scapes were created with Procreate, for released in November 2022 onto University of Michigan Social Media platforms.

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