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The Story

Father Daughter, 30 years, Same Stage

Late Summer of August, 2021,, two cover bands formed amidst the local music scene of Ann Arbor- one was mine, made up of five members, and the other was my dad's, made of the same members who had played in the same exact place 30 years before, now reunited again. My band was named "Atomic Sauce" as a slight tribute to my father's band, our first gig happening at 1020 Church Street at a humble house party yet the night was an electric beginning to a two year musical hiatus that would lead us to local stages such as Rick's American Cafe, Scorekeeper's, The Blind Pig where bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Pearl Jam had played before.  Between the notorious "JamRock" festival we started on St. Patrick's Day, famous for being the largest day of partying at the University of Michigan, and gigs like "Springfest" where we performed at large venues set up by Music Matters, it was a joy to bring dancing and good times to the local Ann Arbor Scene, 


Atomic Sauce and

The Atomic Cafe

perform together

at the Blind Pig

Atomic Sauce Band Posters

Show Promotion and Branding

As the marketer  for my own r+b and rock cover band Atomic Sauce, I was responsible for making promotional artwork and posters for the band's shows and performances. Depending on each gig and it's details, I would craft the poster to either go along with a theme or create a theme to go along with it. From 70s punk/ ransom letter graphics to arcade style ufo illustrations, finding a way to put my best effort and creativity into our next show's poster amidst nonstop exams and projects in college was a joyful struggle I was happy to content with. A lot of my visual inspiration comes from bands such as The Doors, The Gorillaz, and Metallica.

The Logo: When designing the band logo, I wanted to create something with a retro, bold feel that included a symbol icon within the wordmark design. The small explosion-like star within the "O" of Atomic Sauce can be utilized separately as a shortcut to the full band logo.

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The Atomic Cafe Members / The Atomic Cafe performing at Rick's American Cafe , 1989


Atomic Sauce Members / Atomic Sauce performing at Rick's American Cafe , 2022

Photo Gallery


Merch Design


The Catalina Wine Mixer / Sauce Hoodies

For Theta Xi's annual Catalina Wine Mixer, I designed hoodies as a fundraiser for the chapter and to promote the event. Drawing from classic Jazz pop posters, I took the fraternity's colors and designed a geometric graphic for the back of the hoodie and a logo for the front resembling both a wine glass and an upright bass.

For the white Atomic Sauce hoodies I put the band graphic on the back and centered the logo on the front chest for a clean, graphic look. The hoodies also came in black and were printed on demand for showcomers and members.

The Atomic Sauce Merch designs were made with Procreate and Photoshop and printed through a local shirt printer.  

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